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Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
Before i do my back tumbling passes, i have to stand there for like, 2 minutes before i will go! It is really annoying, but if i don't do that i won't go! My coaches always get mad at me for this for wasteing other peoples time who are behind me. But i don't know how to fix it! I will just throw my front tumbling passes and if it is in my routine, it doesn't take me long to go...i guess the music kinda forces me to hurry up! Does anyone else have this problem or now how to fix it??
what do you do in the two minutes standing there? do you think about it or are you nervous?
Sometimes it does help to stand there, but try not to get into a habit of it...it just makes it harder. Try thinking about the important points of the skill before you go and then just do it.
good luck!
I did have this problem for some time. Then we figured out that hearing the chorus of SOS made me go instantly. It's silly, but I could sing it to myself and then the delay would be less than 10 seconds instead of several minutes. You just have to find something that works for you.
Well, when i stand there i think about just doing the skill and tell myself to hurry up and go. I usually just find myself standing there even longer! I don't know if you can understand this, but i like, move my foot that i start running with forward and back again and lean forwards before i go unless it is in a routine. Then after i have "pretended to go" a few times i will go...it is really wierd, haha. But when my coach says something like, you are wasteing your teammates time! Or if you dont go in 5 seconds go to the back of the line! will make me go.
Yeah, I tend to do something similar - either I count to eight (got that from dancing) or I imagine my floor music - I tend to put my passes at places where the music pretty much forces me to do them, so that works pretty well.
Try maybe counting to 5 or sumthing like that and then just try going. try throwing a tuck or a layout maybe for the first couple times and then keep doing your harder skills. but there really isnt any point of just standing there and being nervous if you already no how to do it.
You're thinking too much. Shut your brain off and let your muscle memory kick in any flip you through the air.

And the floor music thing... that's the delight of being an optional and picking your own floor music. You get to pick something that pumps you up to tumble. Personally the compulsory music never did it for me, so I picked a rock song for my routine.
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