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Talent v. Expense

Discussion in 'Parent Forum' started by A's Mom, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. The things for which we are paying include fitness, self-confidence, positive adult role models, great peer relationships, resilience, and the rewarding experience of being wholly invested in one grand passion.[/QUOTE]

    THANK YOU! This is such a wonderful articulation of what I'm wrestling with. I'm sold on this philosophy. My daughter had such a mental block around back handsprings, and she finally got it today. It was about overcoming a fear and trusting herself, and that's thrilling to watch play out. She loves this sport so much.
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  2. What is your monthly tuition? $1600 seems out of proportion.
  3. $860 + two privates a week
  4. We certainly sacrifice a lot to put our kids in sports. We have a gymnast, a skater (synchronized + individual), and my little one is an IGC Copper 1 gymnast with high aspirations in gymnastics and dance.
    We have our needs met, but most of disposable income goes into sports. It's tough because we live in a HCOL area, and for us things like dinner out is 3-4x per year kind of thing, etc. But honestly with very involved kids who has time for that :)
  5. For $860 a month, why do you need 2 privates a week? With 20 hours (or more) a week that I would think the $860/month covers, I wouldn't be happy that my kid needed 2 privates a week in order to keep up...
  6. $850
    It’s $850 hit the wrong button and couldn’t edit it. But my daughter came from another gym and the coaches asked for privates to get her form correct on everything to get her ready for National Testing then A camp. The privates should stop after this week because her season starts on Sunday.
  7. So she’s doing all these privates for TOPS testing and a potential spot in the camps.... $850 a month is still a ton of money for a gym tuition and to request you do privates on top of it. Has she ever made a TOPS camp and what level is she?
  8. The most I ever paid was $600 a month ($1200 for both girls) for 36 hours a week over the summer for my 2 level 10s, who were being coached by an Olympic coach at the time.

    I cannot imagine $850 a month for any lower level, and to tack privates on top of it... is this the standard in your gym or just for the TOPS kids? And if she’s just doing TOPS, you’re towards the beginning of your gymnastics journey... I shudder to think what Level 10 tuitions would be. Good luck!
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  9. It’s not about keeping up
    She’s doing level 7 and yeah she just came back from A camp. You can ask anyone for anything my wife and I still had to accept it

  10. My daughter is apart of a fast track program. Only 12 girls are invited, my daughter is the youngest and the lowest level. All the rest are 8-10 hopes and elite. The other programs are way cheaper and not as many hours
  11. I am sure your daughter is very talented. Just keep in mind that this is a very long road. Protect your daughter and your wallet. We have seen these fast track programs before. Surely the goal in the long run is to keep her in the sport and to make sure that she's getting the best education available. Gymnastics has a really short shelf life.
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  12. Speaking of, how did she like the camp? I remember seeing you post about it before hand.
  13. She said she loved it
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  14. I believe the dad mentioned previously they train in the SF Bay Area where everything is ridiculously expensive..

    I wonder if the total cost covers coaching fees and expenses for camps, travel etc

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  15. Yes it cover all coaches and gymnasts fees
  16. So you don't have to pay an additional fee for competition... its $850 monthly? i think you said for 30+ hours a week... Then you pay $100 per private.. gulp...
  17. No
    No way I still have to pay for competition assessments. But the coaches travel and hotels are paid for
  18. Airborne or San Mateo?
  19. Dang, not going to complain about our costs. We pay $595 per month for level 10/elite training, 25 hours per week. We do not pay meet fees or travel fees for coaches. Have never once done a private lesson.
  20. Airborne
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