Team Colors [PLEASE HELP!]

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i have a solution

blue and bright yellow because they are Ukranian and Ukranian gymnast are really good plus u can do alot of cute things with yellow blue(NOt dark blue or light go withroyal blue) :cutie::cutie::cutie:cute
I think that if you had a name for you gym it would be a big help in choosing colors.

Ex. If the name of your gym was "Edge"Gymnasitics. The colors chosen might be real vibrant.
If the name was "American Pride"...Red, white and Blue would be a great color choice.

So what name or names are you thinking about?
Its great that at 15 you have a goal for yourself. Just don't be afraid to let it go if something else interests you. In our area most of they gyms have a black and blue. But the gyms are slowly this year changing colors and letting the team girls have a say. After all they have to wear the leo in that color. I would say the best one I saw this year has a brown body and an salmon pink shiny sleeve with rhinestones on the front. (it looks way better than I can describe). The gym colors how ever are red, white and blue so their warm up suites are those colors. Don't get hung up on colors you have plenty of time to worry about that and when you start looking at designs and available colors you will find one that just hits you. I suggest looking at the GK page for the competitive leos and see what is available.
My gym has it's colours as red, navy and white, which looks amazing!

I'm also a fan of red & white,
Black & green,
Black & purple,
Green & gold
Black, yellow, orange/red

So many more that I can't think of, but one of my favourite things to do is going on jagwear's site and designing comp leos.
Thank you all! Yeah, I don't know what I am going to call the gym until I figure out the location. I'm thinking about moving somewhere warm when I'm older [lived in Washington all my life, and I am SICK of the rain], but I'll decide on that later.

Definetly keeping my options open too! Since next year is my junior year [young for my grade] I'm starting to look at colleges. I wanted to be a pediatric sports doctor, so I think I'm going to major in the medicine, while working on smaller classes for buisiness and sports stuff.
Ive been doing this for too long also ! I think its so much fun! But I need team colours too.. I am leaning towards a nice lime green , black and white !
I like black, gold and like a silvery white. My gym clubs colours are navy blue, turquoise and silver. they used to be red white and navy blue, but too many people had them colours.
i have been desighning a gym for a while now and the team clours i used are purple balck and a metalic silver white colour
The gym I go to is purple and white, but they have red yellow or blue walls (the walls are not the team color). Anyways, whatever color you chose you could be like my gym and have completely different wall colors!

I like blue and black with a little silver
i love (lime) green and black
i also with a metalic bronze can look great with black

but if i was going to have a club i think i might base it around blue cause you can do so much with it and looks elegant if not that it's be green and black
Show your true colors they look better

Ok I'm a gym owner and head coach. You're focus on your goal is amazing however what I have found is that at the end of the day you'll want to be remebered more for your gymnastics than for your team colors. So pick colors that best stand for your personality and attitude. We're one of the thousands of gyms that are red and black but our individuality comes from our choice of leos which we've never seen anyone with our leo and more so our abilities. We are a small gym in comparison to the gyms I've seen but we've developed a giant killer personality and the red and black increases that intensity. So in your search follow your personality and inspiration.
These are some options
Purple Silver and White(black would look nice to)
Light blue black and purple
red and black is nice
light blue white and lime green
Hope I Helped with some more options
omg!! red and black are our colors!! the leos are okay, but i like the light blue and white.
my gym's color is burgandy ( I love it because it isnt very common:D)
It can also go with a lot- pink, black, silver, red , purple, etc. :p
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