Team Colors [PLEASE HELP!]

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Team Colors

Our team colors are hot turquoise, hot pink, silver and black. I know it sounds like it would be too many colors, but they are SO beautiful!!!
My gym used to be red, black, and white too but we changed it because 4 other gyms in the state had the same colors. My gym is like an emerald green and black now. It looks really pretty and I would never have put those together but they look so nice. Different colors are always good. It's so funny because at all the meets, the judges go, " Oh look! It's the Trumbull girls!" You want people to notice you! I think neon green and black would be cool but I agree with difficulty of making your gym that color. Personally, I like neon pink and black. Some other ideas are purple and white, turquise or teal and black, and a light pink with baby blue.
i think neon green and black would be cool...but i think the gym would look weird decked out in those colors gym is purple and teal and our wall is white on top, a purple line down the middle, and teal on bottom..if u look through my pics you could see it..i think it would be cool if u did that (in black and green)..and im just talking about the walls if thats what you meant.. :)
I live in Australia, and our gyms colours are blue and silver. Not that original, I know, but you can get a lot of gym equipment in blue and white! And as mentioned before, blue looks good on most people :).
some gyms don't have colors or all..chow's for example. which can be good because you can get any kind of leo, but i guess it's also cool to have signature colors :D
i want to run my own gym too lol. Well I suggest not red and black cuz they are popular colors and you want something that stands out. Also look at the name of your team/gym. If your team is called "The Starlettes" or something, I suggest a color that will go with stars, such as blue and gold or something. I personally like pink, black, and white (zebra! lol) if you wanna go girly
I think that blue and green look great and i have never seen a teem with there teem colors green and blue but go with the unique color that you like and think look good together.:)
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