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This is a really cool idea for a fun team activity (maybe with pool noodles though)...

Anyone else have any cool activities for the gym? on Instagram has loads of great ideas.
I love obstacle courses or any "gamification" of conditioning. Some ideas for a good obstacle course:

  • Get the students to set up the course (sneaky way to strengthen their legs)
  • Add a competitive element (e.g. make students tally their laps on a white board)
  • Make sure there is always a "fast lane" and a "slow lane" for students to go at their own pace and eliminate traffic jams
  • Modify course unexpectedly—especially to make it harder
  • Add a "thinking" element (e.g. jump on the number that is half your age)
I like these games because it makes conditioning less painful—both for the students and the coaches.
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Thanks for the reference @&bs! I'm not on social media (except for Chalkbucket :cool:) so these links are greatly appreciated. The one that @JBS posted reminded me of the one that I do with my babies (5-6 year-olds):

Do a bridge on two (small) blocks—hands on one block, feet on other block. Class crawls under bridge. When students can hold bridge long enough, add more students to the block chain (<--you will not regret investing in this). End state: all students are doing bridges except for one who is crawling under everyone else. It's like line dancing, but with gymnastics flair.
> I need some new hoops and cones and stuff... time to order!

My greatest fear about reading these threads is that I'll end up with a big bill o_O
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