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Mar 3, 2011
We are a new team and we are trying to get numbers together for coaches fees and what that includes, and how much. We have coaches in place, but every meet is different, so how can we ensure that we are covered to pay the coaches? We only have a few girls (12) on the team, and it makes it a little hard to get it right. How do you figure those amounts? How much do the coaches get paid, is it per session or per girl, or just one lump sum?

Any help is much appreciated!!

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NY*C Dance and Tumble
Probably you need to see what other gyms are charging for similar hours and get in line, then plan on some fund raisers and see if you need to do some more fund raisers than you thought.
My DD is also @ a small gym. Meet fee usually $100 per meet to cover gymnast fee, portion of team fee & coaches fee. Coach paid per session + meals / hotel if applicable & gas. Some meets the $100 is more than enough, others not do much but It all works out in the wash.

We have 14 girls on team. The fee covers pretty well. Good luck.
We pay a standard session fee for every meet separate from the meet entry fee for the girls. We also pay mileage if the coach(s) drive and also re-imburse for any air fare, food, lodging, car rental or other incidental expenses.
No answer to your question, but I just wanted to chime in and say "good luck" on your venture. I think it's very cool to combine a dance studio and a gym. Wish you were opening in our area!
It just depends on what you want to do. Do your best to figure the overall costs and have the parents submit funds. We always estimate a bit high so we don't have to ask the parents for more money later on.

Are you forming a booster club?
12 is a fine number for a team, unless they are all in different levels. If you have them all in 1-3 different levels it can work, but if they are spread out all over the place then going to competitions won't be viable.

You decide as a gym what happens with the coach at meets and then work out a contract with coaches. Some gyms do not pay coaches at all to go to meets, this is more the gyms who are just doing a few meets per year. Then some clubs will just pay the coach a fee for the hours worked for the day and not other costs. Other gyms again will cover it all with transport fee's and everything. This is not required, its whatever your gym organizes. Its not a crime not to pay this. Going to a meet is like going to work, coaches are not paid travel costs and foods to go to work.
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Thank you so much for your thoughts and ideas! They were very helpful. Next meet year will be fantastic!
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