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Jun 22, 2009
United States
My daughter was asked to join a USAIGC team. Her gym has two levels of pre team. THe first level she was on for about 5 mos. and the second level only 2 months. Now they asked her to be on the team. I'm not really sure if she is ready so soon. SHe freaked out on the high beam the other day and started crying that she didnt want to be on the team. (She is almost 12 yrs), later on she did go on with the coach spotting her and then decided she does want to be on the team. They will start competing in January, but I dont want her to feel pressured to get on that high beam, I would rather her take her time, stay on the pre team and work through the fear with no pressure. She is very upset about my decision and says she will be brave and do it. SHe is the type of girl who is very hard on herself if she feels like she failed. Also, there are 5 girls going on this team. I was thinking they asked my daughter because they need 5 to make a team, if she doesnt do it, there will only be 4..can a team only have 4 girls? She is a quick learner, but after 2 mos, I am a little shocked they would ask her to be on a team. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated!


I'm not a coach just a gym parent. the fear issue is a constant thing especially when moving to a new level. Your coaches will see this and work with your DD - just like they did when they spotted her and got her to do it. If your DD is upset with you why not let her try a season and see how she does - give her a chance. I think she may surprise you. I'm always a mazed what these girls can accomplish in such a short amount of time.

Once she bonds with the team she will have a whole support system behind her.
I agree with Cher. I'd give her the opportunity to try the team. I don't think it's very common for coaches to choose girls just to fill a team. They must see something in her (talent, drive, etc) that they feel would make her an asset to the team. Afterall, her performance does reflect on the gym.

Some kids do move to team quickly, and your daughter is one of them! Good luck to her!


Jan 18, 2009
I say let her give it a shot. If after working with the team for a few weeks/months she finds the pressure too much, then let her take a step back and rethink if that is what she wants to do. Most coaches will not let a girl compete who is not ready, so she shouldn't feel like she has to compete if there are fear problems or she just doesn't feel ready. She can also just start out competing the events she is best and most prepared on and work her way to doing all-around from there. There is also no shame in stepping back. If she tries out the whole team thing and just does not feel ready, she can choose to step back to pre-team for a few more months.
When I was about to start competing I had some serious breakdowns about the whole process and almost opted out. I'm glad I didn't. It was a good experience for me. I spent 6 years competing and I don't think the meets became any less nerve wracking, but I ended up liking it anyway.
As far as the team thing goes, a gym can compete with just one girl on their "team". So her not choosing the team would not keep the other girls from competing. They might need a certain number to get a team score to put them in the running for team awards, but I think in USAIGC that is usually 3 (at least it was at Nationals this year). So I don't think they want your daughter just because she is another warm body that can bring in a number for them, but want her because they think she is ready for the challenge.
Good luck to your dd! Let us know how it goes!

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Set up some time to talk with the coach. Get all the info you can about what being on this team entails----hours of practice, how much for leos, meet fees, do they see your dd being able to do all 4 events or just some. Then you and dd can sit down and make a better decision about whether this is what she should do this year or not.

USAIGC is a more relaxed gym program than USAG and structured differently. Depending on how the coach approaches skills for your dd, it can lead to stress which in turn can lead to fear of skills, not wanting to do skills she was doing even 2-3 weeks ago or not even wanting to go into the gym. If the coach seems supportive and willing to take it slow with dd and back off on a skill when necessary, then let her try it for a month or so.
Jun 22, 2009
United States
That is definately what I am going to do. I already know it is going to cost me $200 to have a floor routine choreographed. Who knows what the other fees are going to cost.
I have to go find out. Thank you all for the advice, I will let you know what happens.


she's 12 and scared of the beam? interesting. the kids at my gym beg us to get on the "real" beam cuz we have like a bunch of the little ones. i'd say it is early for her to be joining a team. we've had 4 member teams, but of course that was at level 8, not at level 4. Let her take her timeand build up confidence.
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