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I've recently taken over a usag program at a new gym. I have an upcoming parents meeting for which I've been preparing a packet with necessary info (summer schedule, levels, tuition, uniforms..etc). I'm putting a welcome letter together..what should it include?
Any and all suggestions will be welcome. Thank you
Coach J: Aside from the schedules, fees, uniforms, and levels; I would want to know that you are excited about working with the new group. I also would want to know how to get feedback from you on my gymmie's progress. If we need to talk how do I set that up? Is it a formal meeting or can we chat casually at the end of practice? Is there a parent volunteer commitment? Your general coaching philosophy? Is your style a continuation of the former coach or are we changing directions? What do you feel is an appropriate adjustment period for both yourself and the athletes? Perhaps sending out a welcome letter that invites the parents to a welcome meeting where their questions can be answered. Best of luck in your new position and welcome to the CB there are many great resources here!
I would want any and all information about a booster club - either existing or possibly in the future -
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