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Different people & coaches keep saying "We need to put her on team" when they see me practice and I kind of just laugh or say "yah, that would be interesting" but in the back of my mind I think I'd love to be on the team. I'd probably be level 7 so at least I'd get to work out with the optionals. It would mean I'd get to be in the gym a lot lot more and since its so close to my house I don't think that would be a real problem. They'd probably understand if I had to come at some different times because of work. The main problem is I'm afraid if I responded "sure, where do I sign up" they'd look at me as if I was crazy and think "I was just joking, I didn't think she'd actually want to do it", but at the same time the new team coach that used to train olympic gymnasts has taken notice and has started to try and help with conditioning, skills, spots, etc. so maybe he'd be happy to have me join. I just am not quite sure if I should say anything & try and join team or just keep going as I have been and try to compete in the different adult competitions when I can (but there's no other adult gymnasts at my gym). What do you guy think would probably be the best?
Go for it! The BEST words I ever heard from a coach was, "When are you going to join the Team?" He wasn't joking. It was at that gym that I became State Champion on Floor, Beam and Vault, Bronze on Bars and Silver All-Around missing All-Around Gold by .05 at age 34. If the coach sees talent in you, believe him or her. Even though you work, you can still condition at home and make the most of what time training in the gym you have. Since my gym back then (they don't allow adults anymore, read the article to find out why) was a 2 hr drive one way, I did a lot of training at home and only attended Team gym training 2 days a week from 5:00-8:30pm. Anything is possible if you put your heart into it. Like I said, Kylie, GO FOR IT. Now I'm accepted at another gym 2 hrs away, but hey, at least I'm accepted. I wish you the Best !!! :)
I agree with LittleLady...GO FOR IT!! Wow, what I would give for that opportunity:)! I feel like you're never too old & nothing is ever out of reach if you really want it. GOOD LUCK! Keep us updated....
I did level 8 team from age 15-20 so part of college, and again from 24-26. I just continued at the gym I was at, so they new my ability, but even so my coach figured I wouldn't come every day or do meets, but the better I got he took me seriously and actually begged me to do meets. I did 15 hr/week and it wasn't a very rigorous program, more laid back, and then I wanted more and switched to a harder gym. The harder gym let me watch a workout and I said I wanted to do it, and one of the staff kept making jokes (she was an older woman) about that I wouldn't last, it was so hard blah blah. It was 18 hr/week and the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. 4.5 hour workouts nonstop conditioning and stations. I loved it, but then my health started going downhill w/ an autoimmune disease (completely unrelated, IMO) and then I needed abdominal surgery so I was out of gymnastics altogether for a bit.

I am probably going to add back one team workout/week soon and take it from there. I have overuse injury problems esp. in my shins so I can't necessarily take the hours, but if I can do team on a reduced hours program or a less rigorous gym I will do that again. You get so much more out of it than working on your own or in adult class. If you just purely want to do it for fun, then stick with adult class/open gym. But if you find it fun to really progress, and they will take you on team, do it! Maybe ask them if you can try it for a month before either of you decide either way--check it out and show them how hard you can work, and hopefully they will see it's not a big deal to have an adult training with the team.

Little comments like they have been saying show that you look like you could pull it off--so what if they laugh when you say you want to do it? Just because do adult may have done their team program doesn't mean you can't be the first. Most adults don't have the commitment it takes to excel in gymnastics, which is why they are not taken seriously. I work full time but was able to shuffle my schedule since I work for myself to make team workouts. I did have to change a few days and train with L9/10 or L7, but we made it work. I wouldn't trade the team experience as an adult for the world. If nothing else, I have tons of idea for drills and conditioning I can do when I work on my own, for now. GOOD LUCK!!

Try to find the coach you think might be most receptive to you to talk to first about it. Also, after the states or regionals is done, usually in April/May, is a good time to jump in since new skill training for the next year begins, and conditioning ramps up in the offseason which you will need to survive team! The girls who may quit usually leave around then, which frees up space, and they probably could use the extra money...
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You need to stand up and say what you want. If you want to go on team let them know. They can't read your mind, they may be just as afraid to ask you because they may think you arent interested in competing or working out with the younger ones.

Don't worry if there are no other adult gymnasts on the team, there are in other gyms. Its not very common but that doesnt matter. Besides every gym had to start somewhere. If you do find a gym with a few adults on team they had to start with just one as well. You could blaze the path for future adult gymnasts.
Thank you all for your support. I think I'll talk to some coaches and people on Thursday when I go in. I think last weekend was there state meet so this is probably the perfect time. I don't know if any of them are going to regionals yet but I guess if they are I'll wait to join until they're done with them too. I guess my main fears now are just that my husband might not like the idea too much but since he takes beach photos in the evening he won't be around much anyway; two, that because I teach fitness classes & swim practice very early around 6am in the morning I might be exhausted by the time I go to team practice in the evening (except Thursday evening I usually workout on saturday mornings or wednesday afternoons right now) & also I do really love my saturday morning private lessons but I can't afford both. I know being on team will really help me progress which is what I want. I feel I still have a lot more in me, but at the same time its private lessons that have helped me see that. I sometimes kind of shrink back in a group(I'm afraid of trying something new & embarrassing myself) especially when most of the people are better then me, which will happen if I train with the optionals since I'll be at the lowest level, but with the private lessons my coach has taught me things I never thought I could do and he has a way of knowing exactly what I need to hear to correct something. I guess I just need to talk to different people & see if there is anything I can workout. Thanks again for you support. I think its given me the courage to speak up and see where it takes me.
Go for it Kylie! If it is what you want to do, and I think more adults should be able to compete on team! Gina is right though, not many are doing it and willing to commit, a reason why adults aren't taken as seriously. But if they want you, and you can.....GO GO GO !!! I would totally hit up the opportunity to be on team, just gotta wait and see a little longer I think though....
The other thing to never that these gyms are a business first and foremost, and by you paying tuition, you are helping them out, not just the other way around...tell them what would be ideal for you and go from there..they work for you..but if you can go the times they schedule for your level, at least at first, it might be best just so they can see you are dedicated and will work hard as part of the team.
I wish they had a team in Virginia that I could join. I finally found a gym with an adult gymnastics class, but it's not really a team, just working out, and it's an hour from where I live.

I entered an AAU meet in 2 weeks, so I have put together my own routines and am going to be my own team. The meet's in NC and it's 6 hours from my house, but I would love to compete again. I can't wait :)
You have a fan here cheering for you! I hope you have a wonderful meet and do well. Let us know how it goes, ok? Just be you and do it !!! :)
I'm excited for you competing in a couple weeks. I'm going to compete in an aau competition at the end of June in Savannah, GA so if you want to compete again and don't mind going a little distance that would be really cool. So far I don't know anyone else competing in that competition so it would be great to kind of know someone going. I'm still working on my routines. I have the different elements but haven't put them all together yet. Well let us know how the competition goes.
I ended up chickening out on asking anyone about team last night. I started to think about how I've been mostly using the mini tramp to vault recently & I'm afraid I won't even be able to do a decent front handspring with a regular springboard & also last night the olympic coach decided to nip pick me on my worst skill on my worst event, my full turn on beam. I know it will probably make me better in the end but it was starting to drive me crazy and by the end (of 20 minutes of doing the same thing, watching my hips, extending my arms higher towards the ceiling, keeping my toe tight against my other leg, etc) I couldn't even completely a half turn very successfully. I am so bad at turning, one of the reasons I hated ballet when I took it. I have to admit after all that I was a little uncomfortable asking about team but I know that is just a skill always struggled with (I'm a tumbler not a dancer) so I shouldn't let it discourage me too much. I'll get up the nerve to ask soon. Anyway on a positive note the greatest thing happened last night. All the gymnastics classes ended earlier and the only ones left were cheerleaders on the cheer floor and I had all the rest of the gym to myself. It felt so good to just be able to do whatever I wanted, I ended up staying an extra 15 minutes than I usually do.
If you can do some vaults w/ the regular board and take a few more things from tt to floor, I am sure you will feel more confident about asking about team. re: the turns, I fall on that skill more than any other on beam, even though I do back handsprings, roundoffs and B/C jumps. Its OK if that is a weak pt. for you, it doesn't mean you are not good enough!
Don't worry about things too much. That dang full turn on beam....I've seen Olympic gymnasts do crazy skills on beam with no wobble and then they wobble on a full turn! One day I was learning my floor routine with my coach and although I had solid full turns on beam, I didn't make ONE full turn on floor in over an hour of training! It was embarrassing to say the least but it was just one of those days. Sometimes it helps to try doing full turns in the other direction on those "bad" days to kinda untwist your brain. It worked for me. Hang in there. Things will work out over time. Just don't give up! You have the talent and determination to be on the Team!
Ok Kylie, heres the deal. You're totally good enough, and they wouldn't have said anything if they didn't mean it. I am going to ask about starting prep op on Tuesday, and if I do that, then you can't chicken out on Thursday:p Ready, set, GO!
I'm glad to hear you asked about team Nicci. I'm excited for you. I wish they had a prep opt team here. If they did I'd ask right away about it but I know I'm not quite ready for 7 and I don't want to go compete and train with the compulsaries, they are just so young. I was thinking of asking the coach I have now to help me get all the skills I will need for level 7 over the summer and try & join team next year if I'm ready. I think their practice in the summer will be during the day when I can't go because of work anyway. Do you guys think this is a good idea?
I think its an awesome idea! What have you got to lose? Besides, you figure all the lvl 6's that moved up are uptraining right now for seven, why shouldnt you? I would find out if your coach feels you are close enough to seven to work the skills, and work out with the level 7s!
I recently got laid off from my office job & am trying to really pursue my fitness career now. I'm already personal trainer certified & working on my stott pilates certification & have a place that they want me to work at. I just need to start picking up clients so I will be able to make my own schedule. I'm so excited about being able to do that. I just hope everything works like I want but this will allow me to ask about team & maybe even train when they train this summer. I found another girl who's about 21 & was a level 8 who said she'd be interested in getting back into it to and competing so on Monday we're going to go down to the gym and see what we can do to get back into it and compete. I just like having the extra support. I think that will really help. I'll let you know how it goes.
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