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Okay, my daughters had their first meet of the season as level 5's. Ally was great! Got first on floor and bars, 2AA. Leah also did wonderful. First on beam and third on vault. Now Hannah, fell on every event!:( Fell twice on beam, fell on her first turn on vault, missed her squat on on bars, and completely fell on her butt on floor after her back handsprings. I felt so bad for the poor kid as she placed as one of the last. After bars she just broke down. Through beam she was hiccuping and sniffling because of the crying. Falling off twice didn't help. Then floor came... tears were rolling down her cheeks. I thought she wouldn't finish it. Everyone was cheering her name, and I thought this would be her event! This would be the one she would finish strong at. Wrong, she rebounded so high on her 2 back handspring she couldn't control it and came crashing down on her back\butt. She was a little struck and didn't get up right away. Just sat there on the floor. When her sisters got called up to receive their medals, I could see her with her face in her hands.

I had to vent, I think I almost cried myself too:(
Jul 29, 2007
Poor girl. I know your heart was breaking. It must have been terrible for her to sit there and watch her sisters win medals. I would have been in tears watching my dd fall and her be so upset. I know you had to have wanted to go out there and love on her.


Aawww....poor thing! :eek:uch: It must be especially tough when your sibs do better than you. And it's not like yours are in different age groups, which sometimes levels the playing field a bit...I am sorry it was a tough meet for her (and for you! I would have been sad too-we all want our kids to feel good about their meets!).

Hopefully, she can eventually laugh about it and chalk it up to experience. You can tell her "Hey, good job! You got all of your falls for the season out of the way! And you know what? You survived! Now you can go out there and do what you know you can do, and not worry about falling anymore!" (or something like that....) :scratchchin:

Anyway, you also have that challenge of feeling ecstatic for the other two but wanting to stick up for this one. Wow! Having triplets is a tricky business! :crazy:

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Watching her compete must have been tough, but I'm sure awards were heartbreaking. Tell her she has gotten all of her falls(or most of them anyway) out of the way for the year and that this was one meet only. She still has many meets to go and things will get better. Just set some very small goals for the next meet and the one after that. The big accomplishment is she had a meet where things didn't go well, but she finished it---she didn't quit. Thats a huge life lesson.


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Aug 18, 2008
Arlington, TX
Poor gymmie :( It has to be even tougher since she's part of a set of multiples. Hopefully it was just 1st time jitters and next competition she will be right up there with her sisters :hug:


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Mar 9, 2008
Oh my :( poor thing! That must have been so hard for her to sit through the awards ceremony. She will have her day in the sun too, just wait until the next meet:cheerful:. Maybe she was just having an "off" day. How was the ride home??? Must have been difficult for the sibs too. They were probably so excited...but didn't want their sister to feel bad. Such a tough situation. Hugs to you all:grouphug:.
Oh my :( poor thing! That must have been so hard for her to sit through the awards ceremony. She will have her day in the sun too, just wait until the next meet:cheerful:. Maybe she was just having an "off" day. How was the ride home??? Must have been difficult for the sibs too. They were probably so excited...but didn't want their sister to feel bad. Such a tough situation. Hugs to you all:grouphug:.

The ride home consisted of crying from Hannah and cheering\whispering from Ally and Leah. I told the girls to comfort their sister and they just kind of went on whispering. It was hard for all of them.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Awww poor gymmie :-( I even have tears in my eyes after reading your last post TripletsMom . That has got to be so tough for little Hannah. It's hard to know what to say in situations like these.

One thng is for sure, by having triplets--you must have a lot of opportunities to teach compassion to them. You can explain to them that "even though Ally and Leah had a great meet and they are happy, they must have compassion for sister Hannah now, because next meet it may be Ally and Leah who are in tears and Hannah the one on top of the podium." That is so hard to teach kids and even some adults.

They are sisters so I am sure they will pull together and learn to comfort and support each other. Tell Ally and Leah congrats and tell Hannah tomorrow is another day and another chance for greatness!!!



That is such a tough situation to handle - for them and for you. You are thrilled and heartbroken all at the same time. When my dd competed in NY there were twins on her team and it was a tough situation. One of them always did a lot better than the other. What happened eventually was she moved through the levels quicker - she was competing level 7 and the other was level 5. The level 5 originally had a hard time with it - but her mom said she came to terms with it.

Hopefully next meet will be Hannah's meet and she will have her turn to shine. Big hugs to all of you ((((hugs)))).


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
I feel so bad for your gymmie - I can't imagine how hard it was for you too. all the emotions of happy and sad at the same time.

I agree w/ the others - tell her now she has all of her falls out of the way and it is time to shine - good luck and lots of hugs.


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Aug 16, 2008
We have triplets on our team too and two of them are L4's and compete at all the meets and the third is stuck in L3. I think it has been hard on all of them, watching the one sis stuck behind.

I am sure Hannah was so upset and rightfully so but gosh there are going to be many more days like this. Everyone has off days and it's hard to have an off day when you've got two sisters in the car with ribbons and medals!!!:eek: I feel for all four of you! Here's to the next meet being better for miss Hannah!!!
Feb 26, 2007
Gosh I feel for you. Just driving home with a team mate who has won lots when my kid has had a bad meet is really tough. One wants to celebrate (and rightly so) and the other one is just devastated. Three of them, living together and so close. I feel so sorry for the three of them, and you.

I guess as this is the way life is, they will just all have to use it as a life lesson in compassion. As I often remind my kidlets, life is just not fair and never will be.

Hopefully Hannah has a chance to shine at another meet, I know my oldest had a train wreck of a year once, every meet was awful and she could not get herself together. I was surprised that she didn't quit, but she perservered and got through it. If it doesn't kill you it'll make you stronger.
Thank you everybody! Ally and Leah actually made her a card:p saying how sorry they were etc. It was too cute, and at the gym today; all they did were full routines. No skills just full routines. So I think she will be better for the second meet.

To all the moms who said about multiples in the gym on different levels- Al and Leah might move up to 6 before Hannah:scared: Lets see what happens..
Jan 17, 2008
I also have been in the car with one girl (my kid) who was in tears after a meet. And another girl (Her BFF) with Medals.. I can only imagine how hard it would be if the other kid was my daughter.

It might be a big confidence booster if she stays behind for another year and can kick some butt in competition! She also will not be competing against her sisters...

When is your next competition?


Proud Parent
Feb 10, 2007
Man hugs to your dd.
and you as well Im sure that was not easy to see your dd hurting inside.
I know she will do better next time.
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