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Sep 14, 2021
Hi all, My daughter is a level 9/10 gymnast tying to get to a solid level 10. We recently had to travel for a family issue and while we were away she trained at another gym. Some mastered some skills at the other gym and brought those skills back with her to her home gym. She had been struggling to make progress and this new technique worked really well. Unfortunately her coach will not let her use the technique she learned when she was away with the result being that she cannot do some of the skills successfully because the approach in our home gym does not work for her. She is frustrated because she now feels this is a setback. Coincidentally, before she went away, a couple of other coaches in her home gym suggested she try the alternate technique because the technique she was learning was not successful. Her own coach would not let her use this technique ( which is used in many places and accepted). I don’t understand what the problem is but perhaps this is how coaches prefer to teach? Any comments on this? I really see this as inflexible and also is working to slow down progress. Thanks!!


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Aug 22, 2008
Maybe having a conversation with a couple of the coaches to see why this other technique cannot be used by your dd? Without knowing what the skill/technique is, the only thing I could think as to why this coach doesn't want to change the technique is that it might mess with other skills.
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