For Parents Tell me about open gym?????

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May 21, 2008
I am assuming it is gym time you can pay extra for and have your dd work out. Do they get to do what ever they want or is it structured? It sounds good if they can go before a meet and run through all their routines a few times. Are there coaches there? From reading some posts, it sounds like parents go in the gym and work/spot their dd's on skills, is that right?


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Mar 9, 2008
My DD(13yrs old, level 7) treats open gym as "social time" with her teammates and friends from other levels she doesn't get to see much anymore. This is fine with me:) They need time to socialize & have fun. That way they can be more focused during practice b/c they know they'll have fun time later. When DD was younger ,they would work on skills(cartwheels, BHS, etc) in stations with the coaches. So it was helpful for skill improvement in the lower levels. This still goes on for the younger ones, but my DD is beyond that stage. Since our open gym is open to the get kids of all ages & abilities. DD finds it's just not safe to try to practice her "bigger" skills in this environment. Too often some little one goes darting right into her path! The coaches are there, but usually too busy trying to keep things safe & organized for everyone to really give a private help to one gymmie. Parents are not allowed on the floor to spot or coach. If you happen to be there on a slow night...sometimes coaches can be more individualized. But we never count on that. DD considers open gym "her" time with her friends. Often times they are making up dance moves for floor routines & just playing around & having fun:)

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Dec 23, 2006
Open gyms and what is allowed and not allowed vary greatly from gym to gym. 1st gym we were at did not have it at all(liability concerns). Our present gym has it on Friday nights during the school year. There is at least 1 coach out there to mainly just keep it orderly. Team kids have to pay to get in, but less than others. Our gym does restrict what kids can do. I don't believe they allow any vaulting and limited bar work. Honestly don't know the policy on parents in there during open gym since my gymmie doesn't stay. Most of the kids that come are in rec classes, doing some cheer and want to do extra tumbling or high school gymnasts practicing a little in their "off" season.


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Jan 4, 2008
We don't have it, in fact I have never, ever heard of a gym that has it around here. I suspect it may be illegal in Australia.


Our gym has it every Sunday afternoon during the school year, unless there's a meet going on or a holiday. There are a handful of coaches in the gym for the entire time. They differ from week to week as I think they're all expected to work it at some point. I think all the kids start out with tumbling on the floor or the tumble trak. Then they take a 5 minute break and they can split up. They cannot go on the beam or bars without a coach. Once my dd went and there weren't many other kids there. She got some individual attention from 2 of the higher level coaches. She just thought that was the greatest thing. I pretty much got 2 45-minute private lessons for $15!
Jan 22, 2008
Our gym has it daily. 7 days a week they have a portion of the day for open gym. After 4:00 there is no open gym because it is just way too busy. During open gym girls go and work on pretty much what ever they want. If they are younger they need to have a parent with them. For the past 3 years I have gone in and worked with DD on skills. If a coach is there they will correct form or tell them something else to work on. With DD We do 10 work things and then she gets play time to do what she wants. Then she has to do 10 work things. We make it a game. Mind you she may be doing front tucks in the pit as her fun things. If she is acting like a dead gymnast then I just throw her in the pit to get her having fun. DS goes and plays on the tramps and jumps in the pit while DD is working.
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