tendon troubles

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Feb 8, 2008
So I have been having issues with the tendon in my right arm getting really tight lately and it hurts! My current coach is a massage therapist and said the tendon was tight. I have been doing contrast baths on it but it has still been acting up especially while tumbling. Any other suggestions?


I would talk to a physical therapist. There's probably some stretches you can do a few times a day that might help. You might also want an eval of your whole arm - if one of your muscles is weaker in comparison to the other muscles it could be causing extra strain on the tendon.

If this is not an injury and it keeps giving you problems, I recommend acupunture. I had an arm injury for nearly 18 months that my docs did nearly every test on and I had a bunch of PT and nothing helped. I finally go to acupuncture and it's almost 100% better in just a few sessions. Something to consider if it becomes chronic.

Anther thing that can help is Icy Hot or Arnica Gel or Bio Freeze. I think it's more for muscle issues, and I haven't been able to find any good research on how it works, but again, it took away most of the muscle pain in my arm. Also worth a try.
Not open for further replies.