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I have a question for coaches (if it is ok to post in here) I have posted this in the parent forum as well but wanted to post in here as I don't know how many coaches read the proud parent forums.

My dd is 6 and in rec gymnastics ( been there a year). At my dd 's last session they did something they never usually do, the coach asked the girls to perform certain strength and flexibility things and wrote their name on a sheet of paper with either a tick or a mark/score, from what my dd told me they were asked to do:

chin ups or attempt to chin up
box splits,
front splits.

Funny thing is that they never work on the above during their session, and the rec session is grouped by age and not ability and you do not progress out of the group until you reach a certain age ( when you reach a certain age you just go to a later session for the same amount of time) or you are put in a development group.

What is the purpose of the above?
You should just ask them. I'm sure they will tell you. :)

Maybe your gym is trying to start splitting classes by skill level. We have two levels in our recreational classes now and we're working on adding a third. We'll be using report cards and evaluating kids to start separating the skill levels.
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