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Apr 1, 2023
I have an 11-year-old daughter who just completed her first season as an Excel platinum. We currently live in Illinois. She did compete JO level 4 and made it to state the year that she did. Last year she was a gold, and this year she competed as a platinum. We currently live in the Chicago area but are moving down to Texas this summer. I was wondering if anybody could share with me what Texas gymnastics is like? For example, I was on the USAG website and it looks like the compulsory gymnasts compete in the fall? This is a big difference from Illinois where all levels compete in the winter and spring.

My other question is making a transition from the Excel program back to JO. My daughter would like to go back into JO. She had a great season as a platinum, and I expect she would compete in JO either as a five or a six. SHE IS REALLY INTERESTED IN SPENDING MORE TIME WITH THE SPORT, AND IS REALLY PRETTY TALENTED. ANY INSIGHT ON MAKING THIS TRANSITION WOULD BE SUPER APPRECIATE IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH! (sorry for the all caps)
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So technically compulsory season is in the falll, however our gym, and a few others, now just have everyone compete at the same time in January. That means no state meets for levels 3-5, no one seems to mind too much, and it’s easier having everyone on the same schedule.

If she was a Platinum it will really depend on the gym what level she would transition to, she will have to score out of 5 regardless. Our gym didn’t have any 6s this year, however last year we didn’t have 5s but did have 6s. So it’s a toss up on how gyms handle level 5/6, and IMO doesn’t really matter in the long run.
Coming from platinum she should be able to fit straight into level 6. She would have to show out of 5 though. The required score is pretty low, I can't remember exactly. Level 6 is the first optional level, so you gymnast will be able to tailor her routine to her strengths as she has been doing in excel. I think your daughter may have trouble going back to compulsory levels having had the freedom. Obviously depends on the gym, just something to be aware of.

Texas is very competitive statewide in the optional levels. I don't know where you're coming from, but your daughter will be competing against some of the best in your new state!
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We are coming from Illinois(Region 5) which is extremely competitive as well I’m glad to hear Texas is a competitive state. After doing travel meets, I’ve noticed that some states really vary in the quality of state wide programs.