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Proud Parent
Aug 2, 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
I have had the privilege of meeting and hanging with two fantastic CB members at meets this year. It has been a wonderful experience to be able to support each other's kids, get a laugh in to take a load off, scratch our heads together over scores and cheer for the girls when they make the podium. My daughter and another members daughter got to meet over the weekend, as they were in the same session and age group. The first thing they said to each other was "good job!" This was my favorite moment of the day and made my heart smile. I am so grateful to have two more friends to help me run the marathon, as a parent. It has enriched my life and I look forward to seeing them at meets.

So, a big thank you to JBS for starting the site, to Bog and all the mods for holding it down & all the members who contribute to a great place where we can all share the journey.
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It sure does JBS. I have to say I have made some truly amazing friends through the CB. Life changing friendships in fact.
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yes this site is the greatest!!!! and those who give their time to get it up and maintain it should get a gold star for all their efforts. Its such a great place to come and get support/advice/whatever from others who understand exactly what your going through
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