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Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
Just wanted to take a quick minute to THANK YOU all for your advice, stories and posts about DD's not so great meet. I truly appreciate you all taking the time to respond with such encouragment & it means so much to me. I guess I get so frustrated when SHE gets frustrated. After that meet I felt like we were going backwards. I am glad she is not like me, I would have thrown the towel in by now with gymnastics and this schedule. I know she is trying hard and I know it doesn't come easy for her. I know it hurts when teamates outscore her. I know this season it will happen often, we are up against girls who have repeated L5 or come from gyms that are just more compatative than ours is. I actually picked this new gym for that reason (less compatative and less $$) and I know she will do another season of L5. Even if we stayed at old gym she would have done another year at L5 so it is nothing I didn't know. For those of you that remember the story of her falling off bars (thanks for reminding me!) at her first L4 meet (2 yrs ago) and LOL thru the routine, she did the SAME thing at the IGC meet on the beam. She just wasn't focused and DH and her brother may have just been too close to the beam so she was distracted. Anyway, she LOL both times she came off. Yes. I love that she can LOL at herself and her mistakes, but this new coach did not find it funny (UGH!) at all.

This weekend is sectionals and we are again up against some of the bigger and better L5 teams of the state. One team was at the IGC camp meet w/us and will just blast us in scores. We are still taking baby steps, just telling her to try for the 32AA so we don't have to go to the other 2 sectionals. She told me today on the way to the gym that at practice this week she had awesome vaults and she is trying for a 9. I told her try for just 8's this weekend! And, if we don't make it we can try again next month. I guess as a parent you just want them to achieve at a meet what they have spent so many hours at the gym practicing. We are not looking for big scores, just trying to keep up with the team. She is not the worst on the team, several do not have kip and can't even go to L5 sectionals yet. Some have opted to go to the L4 open sectional so they can at least compete at a state meet even if it isn't the L5 state meet yet. So she has come a long way and should get easier as she does the routines more and more. I will keep you posted on our outcome this weekend, good or bad, we are still very proud of her determination.
Feb 26, 2007
Best of luck for the weekend. I have no doubt that she can get the 32AA needed.

We have a gymnast at our club that has had some spectacular beam falls and ends up laughing herself silly, sometimes the judges join intoo. But then at the next meet she'll nail everything and blow everyone out of the water!

Good things come to those who wait.

I suggest setting some goals that have nothing to do with medals or placements, it works great for my girls, who also do not place at meets! Just trying to put the fun back into the meets!


Survey says...........

32.25 ding ding ding ding, winner, winner chicken dinner... (what movie is that from?)


She will be fine. She has a TON of determination. Everybody here is so proud of her.... Tell her we are proud of her and good luck this weekend at sectionals



Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I am sure your little inspiration will do great at the Sectionals. It really is amazing how far she has come from her delays to now. I am sending her all the fairies and you a "be calm and just enjoy your awesome daughter" fairy. :D

I know how you feel though. I think Abby is awesome, but most of her teammates are just so much more naturally talented than her and even though she is in her 2nd full season of level 4, the new ones are right there with her, ready to surpass her. I try to just make sure she knows that I think she is amazing and that as long as she is happy, I am happy. I am glad she hasn't figured out too much regarding scores and never cares if they are above her on the podium. Luckily, she is only going to be in the same group as 2 of them at states and should still have a chance at getting a medal on something this year! Last year she was last and that shouldn't happen this year, I hope.

Hang in there, Blackie. Your DD has surprised you so many times and I just know she will in L5 as well. She is so determined and hard working and it shows. I am always very proud of her and love hearing her meet reports. Especially how you give the play by play. :D
To be frank. I didn't read much of your other thread because I was late getting started.

Anyhoo... You will run into disappointing meets no matter what and then end up finishing with a bad taste in your mouth. I would say just to take one meet at a time. Also, bear in mind that it's only a sport (and one meet out of many), so there is no need losing sleep and getting all discouraged over it. And, like I always said, there is nothing wrong with repeat a level.

Best of luck with the meet on this upcoming weekend. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.


Good luck to her!! Love her attitude--hope she does made that 9!

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
Blackie - this is the first Sectional of the season, it's still very early and with time she will only get better! I'm sure she will qualify, she has 3 chances!!! ;)

If she gets that 9 on vault, it will give her some extra wiggle room on another event... :p

What day is she competing - GL and try to relax! :eek: (If only I could practice what I preach for parental meet behavior! :cool: - I'll be skitzing in 2 weeks when dd has her 1st meet...:eek::eek::eek:!!!!)
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