Thank you for all the good luck vibes...dd didn't get 34 AA...

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Mar 12, 2010
...she got 35.45!!!! And she is walking on air!!! She really had her best meet to date, and enjoyed every second of it!!! Her coaches had told her that she needed to get 34 aa before they would move her to level 5, and so that was her goal...she said she didn't care about medals/placements...she just wanted that 34.

Our first meet at the new gym facility went pretty well, but it was a very long day!! I think we were there for something like 14 hrs? I was practically a zombie by the time we went home. My kids had a blast, though, and my ds10 worked through all three sessions. Mia worked selling shout outs and handing out the awards for the level 5/6's and the optionals girls. She really liked could tell...she told all the girls congratulations and good job as she passed out the medals. It was also VERY cold in the gym during first session...I felt so bad for those poor little level 4's because I was freezing, and I had lots of clothes and a jacket on! THey were out there shivering in their leos...

Vault: One question...I noticed that 3 girls on our level 4 team (one was my dd, who is the itty bitty of the team) stacked another mat on top of the vault mat. wouldn't that make it harder? or is there some sort of deduction if it is too low? I wondered why she would "want" that extra height...unless maybe it was the coaches' choice and not hers? I will have to ask her...
She did pretty good...and got an 8.70-4th place. she was super happy with her vault...giggling and clapping. And I know she couldn't see her scores...she just knew she had done a "good one"

Bars: Not her best routine, bars are her fave and she is pretty strong on bars, but she didn't have any trouble with that darn middle circle-she sailed through it clean. 8.825 and good for 2nd place.

Beam: well, this one made me nervous. She doesn't like competing on the beam. She always kinda grumbles and acts like it is so distastful for her...DH and I told her she should smile at the judges when she salutes because then at least she LOOKs like she wants to be there...well, she flashed big cheesy grins at the judges at every stinkin' pose during the routine. I was cracking up, and so were some parents behind me. Anyway, it worked, she did her best beam ever and earned a 9!! She was so surprised to hear that! It was good for 2nd place.

Floor: She's really been working hard on all the nit picky details for floor. She did a clean routine, and when she was done, you could tell she was so happy- even before she heard the scores, she was proud of herself and having the time of her life. She got an 8.925 on floor-her highest ever and it was good for 3rd place.

She came in second place AA with that 35.45 and you better believe she kept reminding her coaches about it!!!

She just turned 8 years old two weeks ago, and so she was in a new age group. There were 16 girls in her grouping. She also got the highest score for her level 4 team. I am so proud of her for setting a goal and going after it!!

Thank you for all the good luck vibes...they worked!! And thanks for letting me shamelessly brag on her. :)
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Aug 16, 2008
Awesome!!!!! That is a great happy for her!!!! Very, very cool, you go ahead and brag! Don't know for sure about the vault thing. Our L4's warmed up vault with an extra mat but then during the meet they took it down and only vaulted on the single one (which is good, because my DD could not get up to the stacked one without a spot!)

She will have a blast in L5...sounds like she is more than ready. There will be lots of new challenges!! Bring it on, right?


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Feb 26, 2007
Well isn't that a lovely meet report!!! Great job and congrats to her on getting that move up score!


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Aug 3, 2009
In The Boondocks
Congrats to you DD. Sounds like she had a wonderful meet. And im sure she is so happy for the L5 move up. 14hrs..whooo..that is a long day. Sounds like all your kiddos kept busy though. And I LOVE the story of your DD giving the big cheesy It made the judge smile and in turn probably lightened the pressure on your DD.


Proud Parent
Mar 20, 2009
She is a great job! I love how she turned her head to smile at the judges in her beam routine! I would add some cuteness points on for that!! To me it looked like her bar routine should have scored higher! Anyway, tell her welcome to Level 5


Congratulations! She had a great meet!! I thought she was underscored on floor - thought for sure that was a 9. As for the extra mat on vault, usually they only use those for girls who are more powerful vaulters. I think she might have piked her vault a bit and that could be due to the extra mat on there. Maybe they are just trying to get her used to vaulting with more power so she will be ready to go over the vault table. Congrats again on moving to Level 5!
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