Thank you JBS!

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I would like to make a thread in here to thank JBS for all the hard work he has done for CB! He has been working really hard and is upgrading the site which is awesome! I just wanted to put this thread to thank him and show him how much we all love CB and appreciate his hard work! So with that said,

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING JBS! :rolleyes::D:):D:):rolleyes:
Thanks guys....this place has turned into more than I could have imagined. Remember, The Chalk Bucket is nothing without all of you.
Thanks JBS, I am so happy you made this site it is so awesome! I am glad that so many people have found this site and made it what it is today! :)
This is one of my favorite sites. Thanks for keeping it up and running! :D
Thanks for all of your hard work!

I also love CB! JBS... you've done an amazing thing bringing so many different people together!!! Thanks so much!!!:D
Yeah I think it is great how this is a safe, nice, fun, awesome site that both kids and adults can go on! I love it because it is a perfect place to get questions answered as well as just have fun and place a good game of PAC MAN! LOL
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