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Really? I can see that causing some issues down the track. If the gymnasts are used to getting higher scores in the lower levels it may make the transition to upper levels even more challenging.
It's in the ALP rules, level 3-6 are judged out of 10 and have deductions halved on bars, beam and floor. Level 7+ are judged out of 10 for execution and have their difficulty added on (so at least 2.5 if they have full requirements) - most kids scores go up when they move beyond level six unless they have a shocker routine or don't belong in the level. Most are scoring above 10 in level seven which is not possible below level seven.

So yes a fall is still essentially a .5 deduction for low levels in Australia (unless it's vault). It was done so that judges didn't have to know two sets of rules while not discouraging developing gymnasts/families with really low scores.