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Jan 2, 2009
DD is trying to get all her L6 skills (she will be doing L5, but is hoping to move up mid-season) and this week she got her Free Hip:bars:

The only things missing still are the ROBHS BT, and the fly away (unfortunately the group she's in never gets to try those :() so when we get our finances stabilized:rolleyes: I want her to get a few private lessons.

I guess finances are pretty much the heart of the drama for most of us gym parents, eh?



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Feb 26, 2007
Oh I hear you. My youngest just about has her flyaway and her kip is right there too. She can use the flyaway this season, a bonus skill here, but having her kip would mean she could go into our Provincial stream.

It's funny how there is always a new skill waiting around the corner.

I totally agree, I always feel the pinch at this time of year. Big house stuff, back to schoo and gym for 2 kids and this year the oldest is moving away for school. Cha CHing!!!
Congratulations on the free hip! That's not an easy skill!

I have to agree with Bog, this is an expensive time of year. For us, it's back to school stuff times 3, new competitive gear, gym insurance, qualifier fees, booster club dues, not to mention the activities my other 2 want to sign up for this fall. Thank goodness I only have one who's competitive!

Good luck to your dd in getting the other skills! If we were stuck in a compulsary system, I'd be in a hurry to get Bean through those levels too!


Congrats on the free hip! My dd is trying to get her L6 skills too. Today she finally connected the entire bar routine with the exception of the flyaway - it's the last thing she needs. Very exciting times! Here's hoping the flyaway fairy makes the rounds soon. :)
Jan 9, 2008
Congradulations to her. My daughter came home from practice today and said she got her free hip cast to a handstand. I am trying to not be skeptical but I will believe it when I see it. Hopefully since she is training with the 6 she will get all her level 6 skills this year and I will not have to stress about her getting them next year when she becomes a level 6!


Snowbound, awesome about the clear hip to hand! She may well have done it once. From what I can see, it's one of those skills that is difficult to be consistent with when first learning it. Anyway, dd got her flyaway today so I'll send that flyaway fairy on over. Seems we are good to go for L6 this year. :D


Bar fairy stopped in Ohio recently. My 9 yr old DD got her giant giant layout flyaway recently... She was very excited....:D:D:D
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