The British championships

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Feb 7, 2014
So the countdown is on...

Of those going who are you most looking forward to seeing? And if you were to put money on a champ, who would it be?

My DD and I are really looking forward to it, big group from gym are going so it'll be a good day :)
For me it's some of the event specialists I'm most looking forward to watching.

I'm probably in the minority, and I know consistency is the key in gymnastics, but I prefer to watch flashes of fabulousness than a safe and solid AA.

I am really looking forward to seeing how Ruby Harrold and Becky Downie measure up on bars and whether they can both hit a great routine. I'm looking forward to beam and floor, just because I'm not that up to date with what the seniors are doing and I'm hoping to see some new stuff.

Is Gabby Jupp competing? I'd love to see her back. And I like Kelly Simm and hope she does well.

I'm looking forward to seeing the men. Max Whitlock is just fantastic and I think he will beat Daniel Purvis for the AA. Personally though, I like Sam Oldham, because he's a 'go for broke' kind of gymnast and when he hits his routines (especially high bar) they are 'ooo ahhhh' moments. And Kristian Thomas Vault. Only person I know who can make vault the piece I want to have my eye on.
Is Louis competing ? I know he was hoping to come back in time for the Commonwealth Games.
Anyone watching? I'm catching routines on and off. Juniors seem to be struggling after impressing so much at the english…

Tyesha fell on bars and twice on beam, huge vault score though. Don't know what happened on floor
Catherine fell on beam, and bars, but 3rd AA.
Georgia Mae must have fallen on bars- beam was beautiful, i love her routine, shame about the dismount.

I caught April Maslens' bars- lots of leg separation, muscling up, but she came 3rd, must have been lots of falls on bars?

Teal lovely, also Amy, but they must have been the only 2 with a clean comp?

No Ellie Downie? Only 20 competitors in total?
georgia fell twice on bars and tyesha landed on her knees in one of her floor routine tumbles. Ellie did the warm up but she did a straight leg landing in podium training so decided not to compete even though she did the warm up.
Managed to watch on livestream and like the instant score thingy.

There did seem to be far more falls and nervy performances than at the English, which is such a shame.

I'm really happy for Amy though - she had a great comp and genuinely rocked her routines, as did Teal. Gutted that Ellie Downie missed it :(
It is on podium so more nervy. I love ellie too I hope she is ok soon. Good for Amy and Teal.
Just catching up with the boys now :)

Interesting that there are 32 boys in the u16 category, vs. 17 girls in the junior. Especially when you consider the numbers for boys in gymnastics as a whole are far lower.
Thought it was a great competition. Claudia Fragapane and Georgina hockenhall caught my eye, never really watched them before. Was so pleased for Rebecca Tunney and a shame Hanna Whelan only competed 3 pieces as she had a strong comp too.
Just catching up with the boys now :)

Interesting that there are 32 boys in the u16 category, vs. 17 girls in the junior. Especially when you consider the numbers for boys in gymnastics as a whole are far lower.
The Boys side is different to the girls, girls have to qualify to compete at the British whereas the boys you can just enter hence why there are more boys :)
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I wore away my seat-edge yesterday, that was amazing. I'm chuffed for Becky Downie and Rebecca Tunney too, of course. I had no idea she was going to come out and do that well. I honestly thought that Kelly Simm or maybe Charlie Fellows or Raer Theaker was going to get it. Wow.

A lot of really well-deserved places in the event finals, too. I'm really looking forward to today's comps. Only slightly kicking myself for not getting tickets but my seat edge is comfy here.

Happy Mother's Day, by the way, to all the Mums.
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I feel jet lagged from two whole days at the arena but I enjoyed every minute. From the juniors I saw, I thought Tyesha Mattis was amazing. It's the first time I've seen Georgia Mae Fenton and she wasn't as wow as I expected. In the seniors, I thought as much about Ruby Harrold. You could tell it was an important trial for the World Cup, Euros, Commonwealth Games. Interesting to see Becky Downie do 4 pieces for the first time in ages....that threw the cat amongst the pigeons....thought she proved her worth on any team.
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