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Geoffrey Taucer

Staff member
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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Anybody else seen this?

I just saw it today, and I thought it was absolutely brilliant.

I think by far the best part was the social/political comentary, and the way it addressed the issues it brought up. While tons of movies have social and political comentary, the Dark Night is unique in that it attacks both sides of the issues it brings up, rather than trying to drive home one specific side of the issue.

It shows the incredible power of hope, with two ships full of people potentially sacrificing themselves by not blowing the other up, while at the exact same time showing that even the greatest and purest of white knights can be corrupted. It pointedly shows us just how effective domestic surveillance can be at catching criminals, but just as pointedly shows us that it is unethical and immoral for anybody to have that sort of power. It presents us with a mob of treacherous street thugs who have no rules, no loyalty, not a shred of decency, yet also presents us with a ship full of convicted murderers who collectively choose to sacrifice themselves rather than blow up a ship full of civilians.

It is simultaneously hopefull and cynical, and goes to great lengths to show us both the height of human decency and the depths of dispair and treachery.

This movie is, in my opinion, a work of absolute genius.
Mar 5, 2008
I agree. I hope to hell Ledger gets the Oscar, he freaked me out.

Did you see it in IMAX, Geoff? I did, in one of the front rows :D For free, too!


I thought it tackled the political and social issues without being pretentious about it, always a good thing in my book
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