The interpretation of the Flop-Russian Rule on Pommels...

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Apr 17, 2007
I have a few gymnasts currently training LLR180 to the end on pommels, here is the question: Considering the fact that stepping up (1/3 Magyar) to the first pommel is a skill in the FIG book, then are judges interpreting the first step up loop as a seperate skill THEN the gymnast must perform LLR to receive the connection(if this is the case then repetition would come into play because the gymnast would have to do step up LLLR180)? Or does the step up count as the first loop in the LLR180 sequence? I know that stepping up with a 1/4 turn is considered a stockli B so why shouldn't the step up to loop on one pommel have the same consideration? Have been to a few competitions where the feedback has been two sided....any thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated


If you go to, there is rule interpretation #10 that just came out. There is a lot of pommel horse clarification. There are also a lot of helpful videos on pommel horse. New and current flop videos are posted often. A pretty cool website. I am a judge, so I use it to my advantage to check this website out. Hope you find some useful info there!

Not open for further replies.