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Proud Parent
Dec 8, 2016
Wahoo, I don't want to speak too soon but it looks like the kip fairy has finally visited my dd:)! She first got her kip in November, lost it, got it back in February, got grips in March, lost it again, and has been muscling up on a pretty sketchy kip ever since. In early June she worked with the head coach for a while on bars and got a beautiful kip, then we went on vacation! I was prepared to hear that the elusive kip had ran away again but she told me tonight that she's been hitting her long hang kip every time and her kip on the low bar about 8 out of 10 times. Here's hoping it's finally here for good!
Congrats! I wish the kip fairy would visit my daughter.
It's feels like it's been a LONG time in the making, more than 6 months before she ever made it then another 6 months to even begin to look halfway decent. It's true what everyone saus, if they keep at it, the skills will come.
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Woohoo! That is such a huge milestone- and relief when it's been in hiding for so long. I had 2 girls get kips yesterday- so it sounds like the kip fairy is on the move! Hopefully it finds its way to you soon, Avasmom!
Yay! That's great. Could you send her my daughter's way now? It's the main thing she is missing for level 4 and her coach wants it by July 1! Not sure it's going to happen.
Awesome! My girl also took about 6 months to get it...and then another 6 months to make it good. I feel like the kip is like golf....always a work in progress.
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That's so great! Especially keeping it over vacation! That always worries me! :p Congrats!
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