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I watched the first episode. I'm undecided so i will watch 1-2 more episodes. If it turns into a walking dead type of show, I'm out. BBoth of my sons absolutely loved the first game and said it was the best storyline ever in a game.
I really want to get started, but my husband has been dragging his feet. Zombie apocalypse plus Pedro Pascal? Score! I may just start it without him and shame him.
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Loving it, I did not play the games but am familiar with the story and why you might not like the second one as much.
The imagery of the cities in the show is more awe inspiring than walking dead or cinematic zombie movies, enjoying the slow burn.
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The first one was great... haven't watched the second one. I've been waiting for the Mandalorian... so this is perfect as he's in this too!
I mainly liked the second episode and will continue to watch. I fast forwarded through the main monster scene though - just not interested in that. I think I will continue to watch via recorded programs so I can fast forward those scenes. win/win.
I watched the 2nd one too... thought it was great!

I didn't realize it was a game... we only have an Xbox and a Switch. My days of having every single game system are now over.
I didn't realize it was a game... we only have an Xbox and a Switch. My days of having every single game system are now over.
Lol-- The fact we only have an Xbox and my husband can't play the game is why he's been silently boycotting. He's mad he can't play the game.

We finally watched the first two episodes, and wow, it's incredible so far. Great acting, and creepy as heck, especially after all we've experienced the last few years with Covid. Our daughter is hooked too. I hope it can keep up this quality through the whole season.
After a rewatch of all 3 episodes so far:

The first two episodes are pretty good. Of all the zombie apocalypse movies and series' I've seen, this is probably the best one. If zombie apocalypses aren't your cup of tea, these might change your mind or they might not.

But episode 3. Hooooooly [censored]. Everybody owes it to themselves to watch episode 3, even if you have no intention of ever watching the first two episodes. Episode 3 is going to win every award in existence.

Have a box of tissues at the ready.
Episode 3 was very interesting... not at all what I expected. Everything from Caymus wine to grinder sparked flame throwing electrified fences.

I gotta say that I just want to keep watching this series.
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Episode 4 followed the game almost exactly, albeit with a bit more character development of the hunters.

Episode 5 had some interesting choices; they hit all the same key notes from that section of the game, but they used some very different narrative routes to get there.

The clicker in the car with Ellie was played by a 9-year-old gymnast, who used her flexibility to delightfully creepy effect in that brief appearance.
I just realized tonight that HBO max has extra clips of behind the scenes interviews for each episode. Very neat to hear their development thoughts - how they could be true to the game's storyline but entertaining as a show.

Loved episode 5. The casting of a Deaf actor and that whole story line surrounding it was awesome, though tear jerking in the end.
Wow, Episode 8 was.... intense.

That section of the game was pretty brutal too, but there were some aspects that were just subtext in the game but which were much more spelled out in the show. They should have left some of that as subtext, imo.

That said, the interrogation scene was very well-executed. That scene was powerful and brutal in the game, and Pedro Pascal absolutely nailed it for the show.
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That episode was brutal, and very well done. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are incredible.

Mild spoiler ahead (tried to word it non-spoilery but you can probably get it):

Was the food issue spelled out as clearly in the game? I got it right away from hints, and was a little surprised they made it so explicit later. I thought part of the fun, so to speak, was the ambiguity.