OT The mind of a 6th grade boy!

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I thought this was funny - I had to share:)! My son is in 6th grade, his first year at middle school (which is scary in itself:eek:!). They had a dance yesterday and when I picked him up and asked him how it went, this is what he said -"Alot of the 6th grade girls are too shy to dance, and the 8th grade girls really don't want anything to do with us, so I have learned that you have to ask the 7th grade girls to dance, because they think you're cute and feel bad saying no!! No shame there:D!
Well Alrighty then!!
Looks like DS is on his way to figuring out woman!

Just remind him that these type of revelations rarely last. Kudo's to him for having the guts to ask in the first place!! Jr High dance floor rejections took YEARS to overcome for some of us.
Watch out. That is exactly the kind of boy I like to coach/corrupt on team.
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