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Amber had her third meet today. The day after halloween at 745am and it was an hour away. That being that.....It was crazy ..the gym was too small for capital cup format and they were too unorganized. Amber started on bars..her main coach was with the younger girls so the assistant was there. He never put the mats up until they competed so she did not practice with them.
Bars 7.4
then beam
8.6.. up from 8.2 from the last meet, but she got a 9.4 the first competition. That is a tough score to keep up with
then floor..she has struggled with the backwalkover..she nailed it
8.65 up from an 8.3
then vault 8.8 same as last meet
she was very sad most of the kids in her age division were second year level 3s and it took very high scores to place...
So we are waiting for awards and gk had monkeys with leos. I found one who had the exact same gk leo she had. That made up for not placing at all. But she did not come in last :)
It is tough....I think she did well. She is highly competitive. But Monkey is making her feel better.


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Yeah for the monkey that saved the meet.

Sorry it was such a tough meet. I know it is difficult. My DD is a 2nd yr L3, moving to L4 after her last meet. She is doing much better this season than last. I think that the main difference in her this season is that she is no longer nervous. She now LOVES to be out there.

I think we will be in the same boat next year when she is a first yr L4. Wish they broke it down that way at meets, but I guess that is too much to ask.


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
Those were not bad scores, especially considering the morning after Halloween! We also had a meet yesterday and I was so glad it was afternoon, my DD does not do mornings well. The monkey sounds adorable and glad he saved the day!

When my DD started last year as a 6 yr old L4 we were often in the same situation as you. Most meets grouped the girsl ages 6-7 or 6-8 and so it meant she often competed against 2nd and sometimes even 3rd year L4's. She did learn how to sit thru awards not getting anything, and we often had goodie bags or bought a little something at the meet to cheer her up. This year they started the Open and Novice group for sectionals and states which makes it nice for the girsl to be awarded as either a first year or as a repeat. Honestly though there are some incredible 1st timers and their scores are just as high as the repeaters! My DD has been on the podium everytime at every meet this year so she is really happy it is finally "her" turn. Only thing is that last year they gave out a lot of medals, and this year I suppose with the economy they are only doing ribbons now.

Your DD will have her turn too...she's got great scores now, does she need to stay at L3 again or will they move her to L4? Our state doesn't do L2 or L3 so I am not sure about the program but with the score she has it sound likes she got the skills already to move up.
Jan 17, 2008
I am glad to hear a Monkey was around to brighten Ambers day. It sounds to me that she had a good meet! It is hard though after you see those good scores to go down. DD had a couple 9's last year then would get an 8.7 and be in tears, it is hard to stop that emotional roller coaster.

I just tell DD that if she did her best, then the scores dont matter. I also tell her that if she knows what she did wrong, then that is even better because she knows what she needs to work on.

Regardless, I think Amber did a great job! I have a highly competitive kid too, I sympthize with you in feeling proud of your DD and then struggling because she is so torn up....


Those really aren't bad scores at all - esp. bright and early the day after Halloween. DD2 had a soccer game the next morning and it took a while for them to shake off the sugar hangovers and start playing like they usually do.

I'm glad she likes her monkey. My dd has one of those also - it fits in well with the other 40 monkeys she has in her room (can we say compulsive).
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