For Coaches The New issue of The Gym Press - March 2008 Vol2 Is1

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Nov 12, 2007
Hi valued readers

I am proud to present the newest issue of TheGymPress. This is by far the best issue, with many contributions, and with all the new bells and whistles.
Hope you enjoy, and please leave feedback for articles.

Content of March 2008 Issue
Page 1-3 Using the “Understand Teachâ€￾ model to coach a double layout dismount of the Asymmetrical Bars. By Rick McCharles
Page 3-6 Stretching Scientifically Part II: Stretching methods, the pros and cons to each method. By Valentin Uzunov
Page 6-8 Men’s Choreography - Its About Postural Alignment. By Nicholas Blanton Page 8-9 Coaching and the Ringelmann Effect. By Warren Milburn
Page 9 DVD Review: Stall Bar Drills for Conditioning and Flexibility
Page 10 Acknowledgments

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Not open for further replies.