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So glad it was renewed, they can't just leave it right before the olympics!

I'm a huge fan of Payson and wass a fan of Emily (I'm curious if she'll come back on the show this season at all)
Not a fan of Lauren at all. I just begin to like her and she goes and does something else nasty.
I love the show even though it is really a soap opera rather than showing gymnasts and gymnastics in a more realistic light.
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For those of you who are wondering if Emily is returning It would seem that Chelsea Hobbs will not be reurning for season and according to some rumors there's going to be only eight episode for season 3 .I'd hoped that emily would return and try to make a comeback but gievn this news i won't be watching.
When is it on? I use to love watching it until my practice times got in my way!
I love it just because it has something to do with gymnastics, I believe it's not realistic at all though.
still a great show!!!!
I MISSED IT!!!! DD's High School had its award night tonight at the same time UGH! I hope its on again this week or on the 'On Demand" shows.
Okay, so what do you all think is up with Lauren? My best guess is that she's diabetic. I was wondering what other people are speculating.
ABC Family must have cut the budget or something because the quality of gymnastics -- when they bother to show it -- on this show has really gone down. It seems like the first season or two I could kinda sorta pretend that they were doing elite level stuff, but now it is obvious, they're showing level 7/8ish gymnastics and they're trying to pass it off as Olympic calibur. Last night's episode, there was a girl doing what, a layout flyaway as her dismount in front the Olympic selection committee? And another girl talking about working on her Yurchenko full, which is a fine vault sure, but surely you're not going to see any American gymnasts rock up to the Olympics with it? And that's the script! Couldn't they have just had her say she was working on an Amanar or something? And what's up with Payson, working on those illusion turns like they're some sort of secret weapon? I can't suspend my disbelief any longer, this show drives me nuts.
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What bothers me about it is that the USA women's gymnastics team doesn't practice at the TC... they go to the Karolyi Ranch!!! Did anyone else notice that?
What bothers me about it is that the USA women's gymnastics team doesn't practice at the TC... they go to the Karolyi Ranch!!! Did anyone else notice that?
You notice they don't use the word Olympic---as in Olympic training center? Have to pay big bucks if you use that word. The sets all look like used ones from other shows on the network.
My gymmie noticed in one of Peyson's bar routines she was doing front giants and then she somehow did a dismount that would have been from back giants---the editing is getting pretty sloppy.
LOL my DD notice the triple dismount off the bars was a sloopy edit. you saw 2 rotations then a cut away to what was the first rotation and was supposed to be the 3rd. My DD said well there was no triple there LOL we can see that 3rd one was higher than the 2nd on and looked exactly the same as the first one.

Then on to the illusions - she just about busted a gut on that being a "big skill" for the olympics.

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