The search for a class...may have just ended!

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Jun 19, 2013
California desert
Hey, all! Some of you may remember my posting on here several months ago asking for suggestions as a self-taught gymnasts. In following the suggestions, I've been working lots of handstands and bridges and am a little more than halfway through a semester of ballet at the local college.

On a suggestion from a fellow dancer I followed a lead on adult gymnastics classes at a community center. That didn't pan out, so I decided to go through each gym in the area, one by one, and ask again.

Long story short, I found one. :O The classes are once a week and only one hour long, but you pay per class and each class is only $10! They also have a competitive tumbling class open to adults. soon as I can scrape up enough for few classes (and figure out transportation), this gymnast will be self-taught no more! :D
Wow- a competitive tumbling class sounds cool! Would love to find one of them myself! Good luck with your new class :)
Not open for further replies.