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Well, its June, and that means I start taking real gymnastics lessons at my gf's gym this month! So I figured I'd "officially" change to gymnast from gym fan. Right now I'll be doing tumbling and I dont think I'll ever be competing, but you never know! I have to say this is one of the most fun sports ever invented and I'm lookin forward to doing more then just going to open gyms.

And now I can post in the gymnast forum! :p
awesome!! I'm glad you could come to the gymnast side...we have chalk :p hahaha

hope you have fun! :)
thats great but i hope ur not at the gym as the same time as ur gf cuz i did that once witha bf and i didnt work out to well we both got hurt showing off o we got in trouble for making out in the boys locker room]
LOL don't worry. We have plenty of time to do non gym stuff outside of the gym. And our coaches both reminded us that if we get distracted we might have extra conditioning to do or something like that haha! But she's a Level 9 and im a Level nothing so its not like we are really practicing together.
Not open for further replies.