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Aug 18, 2008
Arlington, TX
Little gymmie won't be competing this year :(
She has a habit of being hit or miss on skills (one week she'll be awesome, the next week not so much). She had been doing the level 4 vault with no issues and then all of sudden started looking back and hyperextended her neck. Now she's scared and wont fall flat she wants to forward roll instead.
The coach also feels she's just not mature enough, she gets distracted by shiny things and speeds through her routine if she wants to do something else. Her M.O. is once she's told she can't do something (move up a level, ect.) she becomes totally focused and determined, the coaches know that but they want her to be focused and determined all the time.
Luckily she wasnt to upset, now she has all year to perfect her Level 4 skills. The "plan" is to skip her up to 5 if she gets her stuff together. I guess we'll see. I think I was more disappointed then she was :p
Awe, that is too bad but it sounds like it may turn out all right in the end. Good for her for not being upset! I think it is easy in gymnastics to get caught up in moving forward and we forget to just relax and have fun. Ha ha, now I need to take my own advice!:rolleyes:
I am sorry you guys are sad. My gymmie almost didn't get to compete and she was devastated. She loves to be in front of a crowd and actually does better under pressure and is more focused. I think most 6 year olds are that way. DD is the youngest competing (turned 6 in July) and you can tell. The next youngest will be 7 in December and I still think it is a lot of time when talking kids. They grow up so fast.

Plus, some kids (not my DD, LOL) are just really good at making things pretty, doing things right, etc. My DD just wants to do the big skills. She refuses to practice things she that could use work because she doesn't like them (handstand forward roll, back extension roll currently) and doesn't think they are fun. Instead, she is seen trying to get her back tuck and her BWO on beam. I wish she could see she doesn't need those now and focus on what she DOES need, but then I remember she is 6 and it just isn't her personality, regardless. :D

If she has the skills and will be 7, I think she will do fine starting at level 5. Lots of gyms do that, especially with their talented girls and I remember from your posts that your DD is pretty talented. :) I know how you feel though and it is hard to deal with an upset gymmie.

Hugs to both of you.
Sorry to hear that, I can relate to your disappointment. I really thought that DD would move to L4 this season but HC kept her at L3. She had all her L4 skills and we were actually both pretty sad (she was sobbing about how she did not want to do L3 again, it was 'babyish'... - all to me not HC). Her struggle is form. She is doing better (but not great) on her form and her meet scores have improved.

It may be a blessing in disguise. Our situation was.
sorry she is not comepting this year but at least they are giving you a plan!
my 8 yr old is still in Preteam this year I think its a good thing !!
Hope she still has fun
Sorry to hear she won't be competing this season, but as many others have said it may all play out for the best. Sounds like she is a typical 6yo and just needs some time to grow physically and mentally. Gymnastics is a tough mental sport and I can see the coaches concerns if she has trouble focusing on everything right now. Also the fear issue with vault---she just needs time and a no stress enviornment to get back to doing the handstand to flat back.

There is no official "skip" for L4 since its not even a required competitive level. Many kids(mine included) jumped in as L5s to start and have done just fine.
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