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Feb 8, 2008
In the 6 years I have been on team I have had 11 different coaches that I can remember. I got to practice on Monday to find that another one of my coaches won't be coming back.

My gym's coaching is kinda weird. Coach #1 who just quit is the only one who has ever coached above level 6 before. She worked at IGC this summer and even though she only coached me once a week it was always the most difficult practice of the week.

Coach #2 is supposed to be the level 5 6 7 coach, but she doesn't coach during the summer as she only lives in my area during the school year for college. I don't respond to her coaching style very well either, so I learned most of my skills with the help of coach #3.

Coach #3 actually has very little gymnastics experience of her own, and has kinda moved up through the levels with my team. She's officially the level 4 coach, but she's the coach who is there consistently at practice so she really coaches all the levels.

Well coach #1 left because she's graduating in May and has lots of school stuff to focus on, but she's the coach that always spots me on flyaways, layouts, and tucks off the beam. I really don't like having other people spot me on these things, but I'll get over it. It's more annoying that my coach left me 3 weeks before my first meet and in the middle of working through some fear issues on floor, beam, and bars. :(

And luckily this news comes after an excellent weekend involving breaking up with my boyfriend the day before Valentine's day.
Oh honey...I am so sorry to hear about all that. :-(. That has got to be so hard. Not only are you going through tough times at gym but also with your personal life. I'm sorry sweetie. I am sending good wishes and lots of hugs to you!
I am so sorry to hear all that. Coach changes are always hard and it seem like good coachs are really hard to find these days.

My DD has had a few changes over the years and it is always tough. We could use another coach now but the pool is short to find them in or they leave in the summer as you said when we really need them.

I am not much help except to say we can relate it is equally as frusttrating to be the parent of all this coach drama also. Best wishes I will be praying for you.
Oh dear you did have a rough start to the week. Change is always tough as you never can see what is coming be it good or bad. I have to assume that a new coach will be found, that coach could be the best coach you ever had.

As for the boyfriend thing, ouch, that is no fun at all. But I promise that there are lots of great guys in the world and we all have been there. ((((HUGS)))))
Losing a coach is always so tough--especially one you like. Sounds like it isn't gym issues that's causing them to leave them, so that's good at least.
It's a little bit of gym problems too actually. The "gymnastics coordinator" hasn't coached in years but still officially runs the gymnastics programs. She has the team work around the program classes rather than the other way around... it's pretty messed up but on most days it doesn't bother me. It was starting to drive my coach nuts but I think it was mostly school stuff that made her leave.

But today I did front handspring front tucks by myself for the first time since my coach left!
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