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Aug 3, 2008
For all of us to share what we have accomplished this week in gymnastics!

This week I did my cartwheel on the high beam and STAYED ON and it was a really solid one too! I haven't done that in close to ten years :) Still more afraid of them than handstands, my fear of those is gone completely but the cartwheels may take another week or two!

On Tuesday I got better ROBHS, front handspring (still not very pretty), and a very nice back hip circle.

Today I had floppy ROBHS, barely standing front handspring, and I kept whiplashing on my back hip circle. Everybody else does them effortlessly, and I whiplash half of the time :(

I am also progressing rather well on my standing BHS and handstand/cartwheels on beam. Oh, and I did my back walkover! A lot of pain was involved, though.
I only tumble anymore, except when I have to show my students something.

This was my first week taking adult class after a year and a half of forced retirement. I can still do a robhs, robhs tuck, fhs, and an aerial. I didn't die, and that's good enough for me.

Next week? Layouts, here I come.
This week I started to consistently stick backhandspring stepout then layout on beam. Before I would be happy just to get one foot on :)
Nothing really big. But I did feel like I had better form in my BHS on tumble track. I felt like I was tighter in my back/mid section. Made for better, higher tucks and layouts. At least I think so.
Yesterday I did 6 cartwheels on the beam, I landed all of them on and stayed on for 3 of them! I'm very proud of myself (as always!) Soon I'll be over my fear of them entirely!

And I think I finished my beam routine too :)

good job. I haven't even attempted one on beam yet. Maybe I'll try one on Saturday.

For me the key is to just remember to do them slowly, this allows more control. I also only ever do them on the high beam, on the low my foot always goes to the side but *never* on the high! There's nowhere to put that foot BUT on the beam all the way up there. The hard part is then getting the 2nd foot also down on the beam and staying there.

First learning them though I DID start on the low beam, of course.

Can you do them on a line?

Yeah, I can do them on a line. I can do one on a floor beam too. Let's just say it's not the prettiest cartwheel ever.

Muscle- up, I used to hate those things. Great Job on that.

Standing BHS step out
All on the floor

On tumble track I did a couple of FHS FT/FP & worked on front fulls, but could only get around 3/4.

I was so excited I forgot about the cartwheels on beam.
wow that's awesome! I can't do *any* of those but today I start conditioning to prepare myself for a 3 hours tumbling clinic next week! So hopefully I'll get closer to having my FHS, FT or ROBHS. My legs are still far too weak for stand BHS though.

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