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hola chicks. wat it be? ok so i'm not gangsta. lol. I'm 19, probably older than most y'all but I was a gymnast for 12 years and I coach it. I miss it...then again I don't. I'm a psych major in college. The kids at my gym make me laugh. I'm also a cheerleader, I cheer at my college and used to competitively. I'm pretty laid back and down to earth. I like giving advice to younger gymnasts. I've seen a lot in my day and I'll talk to anyone. My favorite apparatus is beam and bars. They just really show the beauty of the sport, and not a lot of girls like either one of these. I'm not much for running full speed at a sationary object and floor is all over the place. Hard for my ADHD self to follow. And my favorite things to do on each apparatus are as follows...

Beam-i love doing a bunch of connecting moves and side aeriel or side sumi

Bars-i love the classic kip cuz the little kids are just plain amazed when i do it, but of course i love release moves...blinds and attempting giengers...that i can't do haha. and giants are fun. haha.

Vault-pretty much and tuscks.

Floor-punch front, roundoff, bhs, whip thru to a full. love that series of flips.

So thats me. chat me up && stuffssss. im friendly and i like new people! also, i know some spelling is off lol
thanks guys! and gymluvr, i like that verse in your signature! we sing it as a song at my church with the little kids.
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