WAG Tickets to 2016 Qualifiers (AT&T, P&G, Secret Classic)

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Jan 31, 2011
I am really interested in getting tickets next year to one of the gymnastics qualifiers (AT&T, Secret Classic, or P&G) but was curious to see if anyone has gone to one of these events recently because I have some questions. First question relates to cost: how much am I going to have to shell out for these tickets? I know sometimes they offer meet and greet VIP tickets-- has anyone ever bought those and how much? If you opt for cheaper seats, what's the view like? Is it even worth going, or should we just watch at home?
Totally worth going, even in the cheapest seats. We've been to nationals and Olympic trials, both an amazing experience.
We went to P&Gs this year and it was absolutely worth it. I can tell you that next year for P&Gs the packages (all 4 days) are: Platinum $495 Gold $395
Silver $295 Bronze $205 Upper $150

I think the Platinum and maybe Gold include the VIP stuff but I'm not sure. This year, we did buy a package but waited until single session tickets went on sale and I want to say we spent around $200 total for 2 seats to junior and senior women's finals. Our seats were in club level and we had a great view!
I have done trials, both US and Canadian (very different experiences and prices!!!), also have done P&G champs (that was a hoot). WIll try to do trails again in 2016.

Doing worlds this year in GLasgow and next year in Montreal for sure.

It is great fun, even in the cheaper seats, they tend to have the jumbotron screens anyway.
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We went to Secret Classic in Chicago.. got cheapest seats by beam.. $30 or $35/each for senior comp.. soooooooooooo worth it.. if you get a chance GO! Even my older non-gym daughters absolutely loved it.. we are still talking about it! The view was nothing to complain about.. I found schedule, prices, and link to purchase tickets all on the USAG website.
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I took my daughter to Secret Classic this year. My wife took her to P & G in Indianapolis. Both meets were great. I'm not sure if they choose the host venues for this reason but there wasn't a bad seat in the house at Secrets.
It's very disappointing to me they've moved the venue for the Secret Classic next year. But it's a great event. Our group had a blast. So much so, we have all talked about taking a road trip for the P&Gs next year. I know with the venue at the Secret Classics, it was a relatively small auditorium and there wasnt a bad seat in the house.
I hope it's back at UIC pavilion.... Staff there was much friendlier and I liked being closer to things in the city
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I've been to multiple Nationals and Olympic Trials. I went to Pac Rim in 2012 and that was awesome. I've also done Winter Cup. To me, gymnastics is best appreciated close up. I've had decent luck though buying tickets second hand for less than face value. Also, for the less busy sessions, you can usually get away with not sitting in your assigned seat.
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