tickets to 8/14 guys meet- Visa Championships

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Aug 2, 2008
east coast
Hey Chalk Bucketers,

I have 2 tickets available for Friday (8/14) Nights Men's Visa Championships Meet. I paid 30.00 for each ticket, but I will give them away if someone will truly enjoy them. The meet starts @ 7. I also have 2 tickets to the jr mens meet on Aug 12 @ 1 pm. (I will also give them away.) We have tickets to the Red Sox game on Friday night as well and there's no way I'm missing the sox (Texas tickets are about 100 cheaper/each compared to fenway!)! PM me w/ your mailing address I will send them to you!:)
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I don't want the tickets but Go Sox! I am also a huge fan. My next game in August 13th. Have been to about 10 games for the last ten years. It's where all my spare money goes:)


Live in MD now, but DH and I are from Mass. Got a chuckle out of your post. I actually have friends who have flown down and gone to games with the Orioles (2-3 games at a time) and they say its cheaper to fly down for the games than it would be to go to that many at Fenway!

Hope you enjoy the game!
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