Tiger paws vs. any other brace? pros & cons

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Oct 28, 2008
So I am back after a summer hiatus from the gym, ready to hit the floor and hopefully do better than I was in the spring. Unfortunately, while biking to and from work this summer, I had a nasty wipeout, and managed to pull a muscle in my wrist. It's much better, I've been wearing a carpal tunnel syndrome brace during some work hours and then at home sometimes too( as well as the usual, ice, rest as much as possible :uninvolved: etc.). I'm just wondering what I should be planning for as far as training and and coaching - should I stay with a standard 'off the rack pharmacy' brace, or should I invest in Tiger Paws? Has a anyone done gymnastics/coaching with Tiger Paws and what were the results? What are the benefits or disadvantages of Tiger Paws?

Just looking for answers and opinions...
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