Tiger paws wrist supports

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May 4, 2009
Tiger Paws

I am debating getting these for tumbling. I have one weak wrist due to a surgery i had a couple of years ago. Does anyone use these? Are they any good? Also should I use just one or are they better used as a pair? (I see they are only sold in pairs) Thanks for your input!

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My DD started using tiger paws about a year ago. They have gradually helped her get rid of all the wrist pain she was having. Took some getting used to and were not an instant cure but she has been great with them.
I would think that wearing both is the way to go so that you do not develop problems with both wrists. There are many who claim tiger paws weaken wrists but that has not been the case at all. My DD uses them just on the floor for the heavy tumbling but does not use for anything else. With a proper conditioning program at your gym there should not be weakened wrists just watch you dont overuse them.
They come with foam and plastic inserts. Your coach can help you get the proper fit.
Hope that helps and I am sure there are other points of view! Tiger Paws have been great in our experience.
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Has anyones DD used the Ten-O version of these??

My DD was recently diagnosed with inflamation of both growth plates in her wrists and is off all impact for 2- 6 weeks depending on healing.

When she comes back she has been advise to use these. The Ten-o ones are on sale right now and cheaper than the tiger paws
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My dd doesn't use them, but she uses cheetah heel supports for Severs. She used to just wear one, but her doctor told her to start using two. The doctor said she never likes to use something like that unilaterally because it can cause more problems. I assume the same rationale would apply to tiger paws.
our girls were allowed to wear tiger-paws when they were on events, but were not allowed to have them during conditioning so that they were still strengthening their wrists. and i do believe we had one girl who only used one because only one of her wrists was bad.
my wrists always hurt me so i bought them, they work amazingly, i dont feel a thing in my wrists and my tumbling is much more powerful.
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