tight hip flexors

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Proud Parent
Oct 26, 2007
My middle daughter has her bridge but its not a very good one. She has decent shoulder flexibility and back flexibility, her problem seems to be her hip flexors. Is that possible. I think that this is the same reason she is having trouble learning to do her backbend. Is it because of her hip flexors and what exercises can she do to increase her flexibility?


Club Owner / Manager
Apr 17, 2007
Lunges, Quadricep stretches...there are lots of variations to these types of stretches. One I like to use is called a D Shape. Get gymnast to kneel down (not sitting on their heels), reach backwards and place hands on the ankles - forming basically the letter D with the body. Lean the head backwards. By doing this shape and maintaining legs together the hip flexors are pushed forward to maximise Range of Motion.


That would make sense to the backbend, but not the bridge, unless it was very very severe lack of flexibility.

how old is your daughter? can she do the splits, and if so can she bend her back leg up to point directly towards the ceiling?

Bridges are generally not affected by a lack of flexibility in the hip flexors, but since you said your daughter has reasonable shoulder and back flexibility, it could possibly be her shoulder or arm strength, but most likely not.

Does she have hyper extension in the elbows? I would need to know more information in regards to her age, ability, hours etc to be able to give you a proper answer
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