Tips on mill circle?

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I'm guessing it's because you're letting your body fall back after you get to the bar, therefore not completely finishing the skill. You want to feel as though you're going to do another mill circle, even practice doing multiples (at least they're fun!) and make sure you're shifting your wrists all the way over too
My coach always tells me the same thing. She says to fix it to be straighten everything and swing your writs around fast and hard. Hope that helps!
This happened when I did my front hip circle!! I would be RIGHT THERE and I would still fall. My coach said to pretend like I wanted to do another one, it worked!! Hehe I hope you get it soon!
What RisingGymnast said. Keep your chest up, keep your legs straight, and shift your wrists. By the way, what level are you? I'm L4.
Not open for further replies.