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Aug 17, 2022
Hi everyone,

I have a gymnast that is doing a Tkatchev but is battling to sit forwards after the release. We do some preps like backward roll to the arch push snap forward into straddle sit and push back on roller swim through to land in support shape. We don't have a trampoline so I just wanted some more preps we could use. She has a good release time and a good shape but where her feet and hips should start rotating forwards to the sit up position they don't and she lands on her back. Any advise or drills would be much appreciated.


Mar 20, 2022
I do tkatchevs and catch them consistently, I have a good drill my coach had me do for the problem you're talking about. Have her do the back extension roll to straddle sit up but instead of on the floor, have her do it starting on top of a cheese mat. She will roll much faster from the incline and it will teach her to sit up faster. Hope I explained it okay, ask any questions if you have any.
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