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Feb 8, 2022
Ok, so I coach at our local gym (only one in town, location in mid-west) and the gym owner is moving back home which is out of state after 13 years of running a successful business. I have gymnasts on team and am considering stepping into her position as owner and head coach. The space is leased and sits a little over 6,000 sq ft. Current enrollment is steady and consistent. 4 additional coaches on staff for rec program. Operational mainly from 4-8 pm thru the week. Clinics, parties, meets, etc. on weekends. Competitive team (approx. 20 gymnasts) including 6 boys all competing in the AAU program.
My dilemma: the difficulty in putting a price on a current up and running gym???
The inventory list is totaled at nearly $150k for everything there including equipment, furniture, down to office supplies. (That number does not include buying the name and existing students.)
My goal would be to have a stand-alone structure designed for gymnastics (in-ground pits, trampoline, etc.) that we build and own.
Soooo… should I make an offer to purchase existing business in leased location? OR is it more feasible to start my own journey from ground up with a business plan and a small business loan?
My experience: former level 9 gymnast, college graduate, mom of 3 with 2 on team… for now! ;)
Thanks in advance!


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Sep 3, 2005
You need to see the financials to see what the gym is doing.

Contact Bryon... he can help you...

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