For Parents To Gym Moms Interested in Taking Good Pictures of Your DD

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Jan 27, 2009
myrtle beach
Hi all Gym Moms and Dads,
I have been on CB for about 6 months I think. My DD is 11yr. old level 8. Although I own a photography studio, I am not a photographer. I find it a real challenge to take good pictures of my DD during meets. With the no flash rule and very challenging lighting conditions. I started a blog for my photography studio in which I put tips for beginner photographers. There is a topic "Photographing your kids at a sporting event" that you may find helpful. I was hoping all you guys would join my blog and maybe help you take better pictures.

Myrtle Beach Photography. com

or if you are Facebook members, you can search Myrtle Beach Photography.

Thanks in advance for your support.
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