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I know that most gymnasts have body images just because there is a pressure to be a certain way and that is what I am kind of feeling right now. I am 16 (slmost 17), 115lbs and 5'2. I am not fat by all means I know. My thing is that I am just a little wider then some gymnasts. I am about 12/13 inches wide from hip to hip. It sometimes feel like that makes me have a bigger butt. I sometimes feel like my coach has problems spotting me because I feel bigger. Does anyone else have this or anything? I dont want to try and complain or anything. I am also a level 7/8 gymnast. What do you think? Please be honest:) Thank you!
Don't feel too bad. Your h/w doesn't seem off to me. My dd is 4'11" and just broke 100lbs. She totally freaked out for some reason. We went to a college meet this past season and their legs, BTW, were the size of my torso(Holy Cow). The thing is your coach is trained to spot you, and if they are not, then they should be. Muscle weighs more than fat, so a top gymnast will weigh more. Don't worry, body image is not as important as the skills and form! Good luck with your gymnastics!
I understand how you feel, im not always (make that never) a very confident person and will constantly ask myself and my coaches "can i really do this skill?" and i end up siking myself out completey. The right coach will always catch you it doesnt matter if your 2 feet tall or 6 a good coach will know how to spot you safely, you needn't worry yourself over that. As for the body image, everyone has a different body tight. I am short and stocky but thanks to some genetic gibber jabber i have a curvy "back side", my mom likes to comment saying that although i look like my father i have a "burger butt" (my grandmother's maiden name was burger which is where it came from). I wish i was leaner and not just a solid muscle sometimes, but then i think about warming up t compete a punch front on floor at a meet and doing a simple rebound only to fly literally 6 ft in the air, spaz out, and land on my hands and knees laughing with all eyes on the girl who just flew. Every body type has its advantage, take pride in yours.
I am also 16 nearly 17 but i am competing level 5 training 6 and some 7 (flics for beam and round off flic layout) and very close to your weight and heightI know what you mean by coach having difficulties spotting (or at least feeling like she does) I just think I am just as tall as her how is she going to spot me? But at the end of the day i find that she has done this for a while and chances are she knows when she has reached the limit and I am not the type to bail so it is generally fine, I know you are a higher level than me but I am sure your coach will make sure its safe for her/him to spot you. 115 is a perfect weight for your height and its honestly not heavy at all! don't sweat and keep training! Good luck with your gymnastics
Thread will be closed. We do not discuss gymnasts weight on the CB ever. That is the domain of health care providers and parents. Thanks for understanding, but with our teen population it is not somewhere we wish to go.
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