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DD has been doing 3.5 hour practices since right after her 5th birthday and hasn't ever had a problem with it. Now she has one 4 hour practice on Fridays, but they do have a break in the middle. Honestly the kid comes home and does more gym. I'm the one who is tired.:(

I was really worried when she first switched because a few of her friends who went a few weeks before her cried for the first week or so. She's just one of those super hyper, never running out of energy kind of kids. Ironically I'm yelling at her right now because she's running around acting like a crazy person. I only wish she had gym today. Does anyone live in my zip code who has a home gym? Can I drop her off?
4 hours for a 5 year old is too much! I go 4 hours 5 times a week (Monday- 4:30-9, Tuesday- 4:30-8:30, Thursday- 4:30-8:30, Friday- 4:30-8:30, and Saturday 9-1) and I get exausted from the long practices. I would think that 2 hours for 2 days is ok for next week. But, this week she should stay home.

I was reading most of the replys and most of them were comment on what they thought about the situation from a third party standpoint (which I admit IS point of asking question on here lol) but none of these people know your child's personality, physical abilities, or schedule besides gymnastics. I think that as a parent you should deffinately have a say in how much your daughter practices (especially since she's five), but she IS the one actually practicing so I think your best bet is to ask her how she thinks shes doing at practice, and ask her if she wants to go to practice again this week. I understand that as a parent you want to make the right decision for your child, but ultimately she will tell you if she doesn't want to practice as long as you are supportive and not pushy. Any extra practice she does will benefit her as long as she's not obviously over doing it.

I know this is long but one more thing,

if your daughter shows an interest in gymnastics and shows a lot of ability at a young age there is a good opportunity for her to move up through the levels very quickly. Depending on your goal of her gymnastics career practicing more may be beneficial to her overall career as a gymnast.

As long as you don't push her and she still enjoys it let her practice as much or as she wants:)

If she tells you she doesn't like competing or feels she is top tired during the week because of gymnastics then you could ask her is she wants to practice less and not compete.

Don't push or badger her with questions though, because that is enough to push her away from asport she otherwise might really enjoy

Good Luck!
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