Too old to start????

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Ok so i've been doing recreational gymnastics since i was 4 (i'm 13 right now)
and i've just started to think to go to competitive gym. Well also the gym i go to for recreational gymn has interclub and competive. So wich do you think is better interclub or competitive?? And If competives better am i to old to start?? ( and i know already that i won't be able to go to the olympics)

You're never too old.

Do what is most fun for you. You're never too old. I'm 28 now and I still like to play around. I could do more when I was 23 than when I was a 18 year old Class I (now Level 10). You'll only get better with age. Just have fun.
If you want to be competitive, go for it. It'll be a lot of fun. I wasn't that much younger than you when I started competing(10). Now I'm 15 and a level six I am the biggest gym rat ever. If I could compete every weekend, I would. I've said it in other posts too: You're never too old to start something you'll love. Best of luck!
Not open for further replies.