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Am I too old to start gymnastics at 21? I dont have that much experience but enjoyed it at school and wanted to start up again... is it too late?


New Member
Feb 7, 2007
never too old

dear pinkcrystal -- I don't think anyone is ever too old to be in the gym. You might not be able to do elite level tricks, but you'll have lots of fun. I think with proper conditioning, flexibilty and strength training, and lots of repititions..... there shouldn't be a problem. Take it slow; have fun. Most gyms have "open gym" at least once a week. My gym also has Adult Open Gym. (strictly for those 18 and over). And we also have some adult classes. I'd say go for it.


Coach & Mom
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Feb 5, 2006
What a great way to keep in shape, and you are definitely not too old. Gymnastics is a great sport at any age. Make sure to let us know how it goes.


New Member
Jul 24, 2007
Go for it! It will go great if you also do othe things that include stretching and conditioning, such as pilates, yoga, weights. I am a 48 year old granny and can do back handsprings, aerials, all-around--it is not like when I was young, though---takes longer to stretch out, and I have to pay close attention to my body.


It's never too late...just stretch and warm up well. Gymnastics is a great way to stay in shape, boost confidence, and have a blast!
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