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ok so when i was 4 i was in gymnastics for about a year but then i was stupid and broke my collarbone so my parents took me out of it. and ever since my parents have been scared to put me back in because they thought i would get hurt.

for years ive been trying to get them to sign me back up but they wont. i wanted to join the gymnastics team at school but i want to know some stuff before i do. i can do a front walkover almost and a self taught front handspring. im worried that if i try to learn more ill screw up a chance of learning it right. ive been doing flips and stuff on a trampoline and can do a bhs on it to but on the ground im scared to flip backwards without a mat.

i really want to learn more stuff. its the one sport i really like to do.
but im 15 now so am i to old to start?
Nope, you are not too old. If your school offers gymnastics, that a great place to start if you get on the team. At our gym all the school gymnastics teams in town work out. Some of the girls that are on the JV team are girls just like you, who may have been in gymnastics as small kids or maybe never have done anything gymnastic in thier life. The coaches teach them the routines, they do the skills they can and they compete and have fun. Go for it!
You're never too old to do anything you're willing to work for. It's sounds like you'd really enjoy it. As for your parents, see if the local gym offers a free indrotuctory or sample class, or even open gym. They could even arrange a meeting with the director if they're that concerned.
Not open for further replies.